How can we make fashion timeless, fun and sustainable for women?

That’s a question that has kept us busy for over 30 years.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be constantly chasing the latest trends or must- have items. Here at Momento by Gaya it’s all about you and your personal style. And that’s why you are here.

We help youdevelop yourpersonal style

Momento by Gaya was created by Patricia Revyn. She opened the store after a lifelong love affair with fashion. A lot of creativity was being lost and replaced by low quality and average fabrics. With Momento by Gaya she set out on a mission to empower women through style. How she describes her own style? Feminine, sensual and unapologetically rebellious. She loves to combine a well-cut pantsuit with a bold shoe. Who knew pantsuits could be so sexy? Our clothing helps you channel your creativity and individuality, all while keeping with its great quality and affordability. At our store it’s all about unique clothes for unique women.

It’s all about unique clothes for unique women.

We help you curate your own style. That’s it. Buying clothes shouldn’t be stressful or intimidating, right? That’s why we believe in a personal approach. From tomboy to hopeless romantic, we’ve got you covered. After all, you get dressed every day. May as well feel confident being you!

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